Is Exercise The Best You Can Do To Lose Weight, Or Is It Down To Diet?

Typically, we join a gym to increase our movement and exercise but does it work.

However, the problem is exercise itself is not really a weight loss tool, it’s a way you can increase your health as it increases your body’s.

There’s 3 main ways you can burn calories:

  • Resting Metabolism – this is where you burn the most calories and the energy you use
  • Food breakdown – This is the calories you use after you have eaten to burn off these calories
  • Physical activity – this is only around 10% to 30% of the energy you use

If you take in 100% calories, only 30% of your calories are in your control. The problem being, Exercise makes people hungry, so if you increase your exercise, then there’s a good chance you will increase the amount you eat.

healthy dietAlso, people tend to slow down after a workout, so if you went to the gym, you are more likely to take the lift instead of walking upstairs, which are called Compensatory Behaviours.

Metabolic compensation is a factor where as people start to slim down then the resting metabolism starts to slow down, so the number of calories you burn at rest is lower.

The key to losing weight is heavily down to your diet, being how much food you eat and how healthy the food is for your body. As you eat unhealthy food, no matter how much exercise you did, you just wouldn’t burn off those calories.

Exercise should be seen as a healthy supplement to a strategy focused on food. However, there are food and exercise companies that keep on pushing the exercise route, but it doesn’t work.

Eat healthy the right way, with some additional exercise, and you will lose weight.

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